Visiting our growers in Burkina and Senegal, an update

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Update from our colleagues Gert-Jan and Joep who have been visiting our growers in Burkina Faso and Senegal. 

The goal of the grower visit was to talk about the upcoming Mango season and Living Wage. The Kent season will start slightly later than usual, due to late flowering. We expect the first Kent shipment mid-April in Antwerp. It looks like the Peruvian season will be a bit longer than usual, so it is no problem that Burkina season starts a bit later.

Our organic Kent mangos from Burkina Faso are not only a rich source of vitamins & free of chemicals, they also provide a Living Wage premium for the workers! In 2020, Eosta launched mangos from Burkina Faso with a Living Wage-inclusive price. The price includes 2 cents per kilogram for the Living Wage project, to create a living income for workers’ families. Last year, the first tranche has been transferred from Eosta to the Living Wage Fund. From this fund, the workers can get a microcredit in order to make establish their own micro enterprise. This is very useful as the mango season only lasts a couple of months and by starting their own business, they earn their income for the rest of the year.   

During the visit end January, Gert-Jan and Joep handed over the second cheque as a result of the Living Wage season 2022.  This was a big party. It is still off-season but everybody was there in order to proudly share what they have already accomplished with their extra micro credit. they are so grateful to you as a customer for your contribution. We are happy to share the photos with the update on the ongoing projects, all as a result of the first cheque for the microcredit. 

What is a A Living Wage? 
Living Wage is a wage that makes it possible to live a life with dignity and rise out of poverty, and it is usually significantly higher than the minimum wage. The Living Wage also includes the costs of education, health and savings for exceptional situations. This facilitates structural improvements in the long term. You will not only help the workers, but also their family to lead a dignified life with better prospects for the future. Become a partner by contacting your Eosta account manager or send us an email via info@eosta.com.

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Visit the grower: https://www.natureandmore.com/en/growers/zongo-adama
Learn more about Living Wage: http://livingwage.eu/en