Worker Marriam explains the importance of Living Wage Avocado's

Video: Kenyan packhouse worker Marriam tells about her life and the impact of a Living Wage

Eosta is now selling organic Living Wage avocado's to supermarkets and health food stores, being the first in the world to do so. These Kenyan avocado's, from Nature & More grower Anthony Ngugi, are sold with a 2 cent per kg premium, to allow for Living Wages to be paid to the 83 employees of  Anthony's packing house. 

In this video packhouse worker Marriam (30) tells about her life situation, and the positive impact that this Living Wage project will have. She has two kids, her parents and a brother and sister who depend on her income. A Living Wage will help her to give better education to her kids and many other advantages.

A Living Wage is a wage that supports a decent standard of living for a worker, including their family. This covers basis needs like food, clothing and housing, but also education, healthcare, and money to save for unexpected life events. A Living Wage is not the same as a minimum wage, because in many countries the legal minimum is much lower than a Living Wage. For more information about Living Wages: see www.livingwage.eu.

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