Summer Fun with Organic Fruits & Veggies

Summer is all about spending time outside with your friends and family. Long, warm, relaxing evenings with a refreshing drink and “easy”, tasty food.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the barbecue plays an important role during these summer months. For many people barbecuing automatically means eating lots of meat and not much else. That is why Nature & More developed the special “BBQ menu ” highlighting the delights of grilling organic fruits and vegetables.

Michaël Wilde (Communications & Sustainability Manager) explains: “The goal of the campaign is to show consumers that organic fruits & vegetables are a fantastic, simple, colorful, delicious alternative or accompaniment for the “same old boring, sausages and burgers”. He continues “To get that message across, we have developed a wide range of attractive “point of sale” materials and a special “menu card” to inspire our customers and the end consumer in the store. If you want more information simply get in touch with your Eosta contact person.