A Growing Demand for Flavorful Organic Kiwis

We now offer Kiwi Gold, Red and Green!

Kiwi eosta


In the upcoming year, our focus intensifies on promoting an array of delectable organic kiwis, with a special spotlight on the exquisite Kiwi Gold and Red varieties. 

Over time, there has been a consistent surge in the demand for organic kiwis. Notably, repeat purchases are inclined towards those kiwis that grace the fruit bowl with an exceptional taste. 

During weeks 16 to 19, we proudly present Kiwi Gold and Red sourced from South Africa. Following that, from May to November, we transition to the beloved New Zealand kiwis, cherished by our customers over the years. 

We firmly believe that the triumph of our organic range hinges significantly on providing products with a delightful taste. This year, we are making a strategic investment in fortifying our selection with these flavorful kiwis. Our objective is not only to meet customer expectations but also to cultivate a deeper interest in organic farming among our clientele. 

kiwi gold and red and green