Argentine Pears: A Taste of Perfection

Pear argentina


The first varieties hitting the markets—William, Giffard, and Red Bartlett—are setting a high standard for the season. Quality is good, and despite challanges for the growers such as high inflation, hail and smaller sizes, the season is off to a good start in Europe.  

In just two weeks, the highly anticipated D'Anjou variety is set to make its debut, promising a continuation of the season's excellence. However, challenges loom as growers anticipate a significant decrease in Abate Fetel availability, potentially up to 50% less than usual.  

Despite this setback, optimism prevails for a fruitful season overall. With signs pointing towards success. As we indulge in the unparalleled flavor of each pear, let us appreciate the dedication and craftsmanship that brings these exquisite fruits from orchard to table, embodying the timeless beauty of nature's bounty.  

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