Citrus season, time for juicy oranges

Written by: Monique Mooij
Orange tree (3)


During the coming weeks, we have plenty of organic oranges from South Africa available! Contact your Eosta account manager, he/she knows all the details regarding your price and packaging. 

Citrus grower Johannes: “Organic farming started here many years ago when I noticed that the warm air of the valley was no longer laden with the scent of oranges, due to intensive use of chemicals. More and more growers went out of business, because of the deregulation of the citrus industry. Many parts of the valley were neglected. After doing some research, I decided that organic farming was the answer to both these problems. Now the orchards are strong and healthy again!” Johannes has developed its own way of producing and selling organic crops and is hoping to attract more growers to change to organic farming in the future!

Visit my farm: natureandmore.com - (code 218)