Don't Miss Out on the Upcoming Organic Grape Season from South Africa!

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Together with Koen van Velthoven, product manager Grapes and Citrus, we take a look at the upcoming grape season. On a daily base, Koen is in contact with our organic growers in South Africa to see how the crops are developing. As we prepare for the upcoming organic grape season, we'd like to share important information to help you make the most of this season's offerings from South Africa. 

Planning ahead now can make a significant difference in the success of your retail business. Guaranteed Supply: By planning ahead, you secure your access to a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality organic grapes. Late planning may leave you scrambling for limited availability. 

Key Information about the Upcoming Season: 

  • Varieties: We offer a wide range of grape varieties to cater to diverse consumer preferences. 
  • Harvest Period: The season typically starts in November in the Nothern part of South Africa and runs through end of February, beginning of March where we end the season with the Western Cape growers. 
  • Certifications: Our grapes are certified organic, meeting the highest standards for sustainability and pesticide-free farming. 
  • Customizabe packaging options! 

We provide customizable packaging options to suit your specific retail needs.  We are excited to share a significant update in our packaging practices for this year's grape season at Eosta / Nature and More. In our continuous effort to reduce plastic usage and enhance our product appeal in stores, we have decided to introduce paper bags with handles, each precisely weighed at 400 grams, for packaging our grapes. These bags will be labeled either at the source or right here in the Netherlands. Our experience has shown that such packaging not only aligns with our sustainability goals but also tends to attract more customers, resulting in better sales in retail environments. We believe this change is a step forward in our commitment to environmental responsibility while also catering to the preferences of our conscious consumers.

Act Now for a Successful Season: To ensure you have access to the best organic grapes from South Africa and Peru, we strongly recommend planning your procurement strategy now. Our team is ready to work closely with you to tailor a solution that aligns with your needs and preferences. 

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Koen, could you give us an update from the growers regarding the wheather conditions which influence growth and taste? 
Koen: “Unlike previous years, this year they have not suffered from drought or too much precipitation, the weather conditions have been good. So they expect a nice harvest of good quality.” 

When do you expect the arrival of the grapes? 
Koen: “The grapes will arrive in week 50, just before Christmas. We are looking forward to beautiful seedless varieties such as Sweet Globe, Early Sweet, Evans Delight and to Red Globe seeded grapes from Peru.” 

Any interesting developments in South Africa? 
Koen: "Certainly, our growers Lushof (code 690 on Nature & More) and Carpe Diem (code 220 on Nature & More) are doing great work. They have plans to expand with more acreage and new varieties, so that bodes well.” 

Contact your Eosta account manager to discuss your requirements and secure your supply of premium organic grapes for the upcoming season. Together, we can make this season a resounding success for your organic business.