Organic Product of the Year: vote for plastic-free!

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Eosta is nominated for Organic Product of the Year. Who likes plastic soup? Nobody! That is why we have developed a new, 100% plastic-free packaging range for all our organic fruit and vegetables. Tomatoes in paper flowpacks, blueberries in cardboard trays, sweet potatoes with Natural Branding and grapes in paper shakers.

Since 2016, we've already saved 30 million plastic packages with Natural Branding. With our new PaperPacks, PaperBoxes, PaperShakers and PaperSleeves, we're pushing forward. Let's get to 60 million! Will you help us by voting for us?

Make organic plastic-free! Vote for our new plastic-free packaging range: https://www.bioproductvanhetjaar.nl/.

(Instructions: The election is in Dutch. When you click on the stars, your vote is automatically registered. There is no confirmation on the website, you do not have to enter an email address and the total number of votes is not displayed).