News and organic arrivals week 31

Reel Mango JB (1)

Lots of delicious organic products on offer, this week for example:

  • Mango Kent from Senegal
  • Sugar Snaps from Peru
  • Fuji & Cripps Pink apples from Argentina (code 608)
  • Cripps Pink Apples from Chile
  • Lemons from South Africa (code 229), Peru and Dominican Republic
  • Keitt Mango from Dominican Republic
  • Citrus Specialties from Marocco (Fingerlimes, Kefir limes, Limes) (code 115)
  • Avocado from Peru and Kenia
  • Sweet Potatoes from South Africa 
  • Ginger from Brazil, China and Peru
  • Blueberries from The Netherlands
  • Kiwi from Chile
  • Lemongrass from Nuttapoom (code 117)
  • Passionfruit from Sergio! (code 365)
  • Pineapple from Costa Rica (code 763)
  • Delicious Dates from USA and Israel (code 360 | 395)
  • Physalis from Peru
  • Juicy (Fairtrade) Limes from Brasil
  • Dutch Tomatoes on the Vine and Rudolf snack tomatoes
  • Chili peppers from the Netherlands
  • Dutch Fennel

* All Nature & More growers have a grower stamp with a unique 3-digit code. Enter the code on www.natureandmore.com, meet the grower and read more about the sustainability flower. No sustainability without transparency!