News and organic arrivals week 8-2024


Lots of delicious organic products on offer, this week for example:

  • Table Grapes White/Red/Dark seedless from RSA (schedule your program!)
  • Week 9, Pears from Argentina (code 608)
  • GREEN Pumpkin with Natural Branding 
  • Mango Kent from Peru 
  • Mango Ataulfo from Peru 
  • Blueberries from Chili
  • Dates from USA and Israel (code 360 | 395)
  • Avocado from Spain
  • Limes (Fairtrade) from Brazil
  • Grapefruit from Greece (code 578)
  • Sweet Potatoes from Egypt and Brasil
  • Ginger from China, Peru
  • Pineapple from Costa Rica (code 763)
  • Kiwi from Greece
  • Pears ‘Conference’ from The Netherlands (+Natural Branding)
  • Pears ‘Doyenne du Comice' from The Netherlands Robert (code 270)
  • Dutch open field: root parsley, salsify, parsnip, Jerusalem artichoke (code 648)
  • Dutch Bokchoy 

* All Nature & More growers have a grower stamp with a unique 3-digit code. Enter the code on www.natureandmore.com, meet the grower and read more about the sustainability flower. No sustainability without transparency!