Organic Kent Mango from Peru


Organic Kent Mango from the tropical climate in northern Peru. Given the fragility of the ecosystem and the wealth it offers in terms of biodiversity ... ecological (organic) farming is the only sustainable option. Ecological farming is based on the principles of soil fertility, biodiversity and making use of local resources. This sweet, luscious fruit originated there more than 4000 years ago in India. They are wonderful when eaten fresh, but also great in smoothies, salsa, desserts or African guacamole. Kent, Amelie, Tommy and Keitt are some of the varieties that are grown organically.

Some interesting facts about mangoes:

  • Mangoes have been around for more than 5000 years
  • Mangoes are considered the king of fruits because they’re so popular in many parts of the world. It is the national fruit of India
  • No other fruit has a higher Vitamin A content.  One mango covers your daily need because its Rich in fiber, Helps build new cells, Strengthens your immune system & High levels of Vitamin C 
  • No matter how old the mango tree is, it can still bear fruits even after it reaches its peak age of 300 years.

Packaging: 4kg boxes, Natural Branding and other sustainable packaging options. Contact your Eosta Account Manager for all details. 

Recipe ideas with mango for Easter: https://www.natureandmore.com/en/recipes?field_gekoppelde_producten_target_id=1177