Organic tasty Pineapple, variety MD2

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The taste of a ripe, fresh organic pineapple from our Nature & More grower Andres in Costa Rica is fantastic. Like John from the UK mailed us: 'We both agreed that it was the best pineapple we had ever eaten'.

Thank You, 1 Cent for the future. Personal note from Andres: "I’d like to thank you because besides providing you with a beautiful tropical fruit, your purchase is also contributing to the construction and support of a community center that benefits our employees. At the center they are enabled to do sports, work with computers and develop new skills which help them in both at work and at home. Through the Nature & More 1 cent for the future project you are directly supporting the center. That’s why our consumers have our deepest appreciation". Muchas Gracias and Pura Vida (Pure Life)! Andres. Learn more: 1 Cent for the Future

  • Variety: MD2
  • Packed: 9-10 pcs in each box
  • Yearround delivery!
  • Did you know pineapples ripen faster upside down?

Visit our grower Andres: natureandmore.com - (code 763)