Small Avocados - Big advantages

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Hello, my name is Rogelio Moreno Salas. We are a Mexican family business focussed on the production of organic avocado and social responsibility. When it comes to avocados, generally speaking the somewhat larger fruits are more popular. As we all know however, an avocado tree is not a factory producing the same sized fruit .. and that is a good thing. Therefore to avoid income losses for our growers and food waste, Eosta is paying some extra attention to the smaller organic avo’s. These avo’s have the same quality, taste and nutritional benefits as their full-sized counterparts. 

    Interesting facts:

    • BIO / Global Gap, GRASP and SMETA certified avocados
    • Packaging options: Box 4kg, layered, Natural Branding, flowpack, (cellulose) net 350-600-750gr
    • By having more small avo's at home, you daily have a ripen one
    • Perfect size for single-serving meals and snacks, no foodwaste
    • Ideal for Sandwiches & Salads
    • 100% Vegan
    • Taco Tuesday
    • Hass – what else ?

    Contact your Eosta Account Manager for all (tailor made) options

    Visit my farm: natureandmore.com - (code 121)