Sweetie available, a hybrid of a grapefruit and a pomelo

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Sweetie availability November / December 2023

With the festive season approaching, it is nice to set aside a permanent spot for sweeties. A hybrid of a grapefruit and a pomelo, this fruit combines the best features of both: the sweet taste of the pomelo with the juicy texture of the grapefruit. The Sweetie fruit is characterised by its greenish-yellow skin and light green to yellow flesh, which retains a deliciously mild flavour despite full ripeness.

We are pleased to report that the Sweetie fruit is enjoying more attention and growing popularity within our customer base every year. This trend has translated into a steady increase in sales volumes, and we anticipate a continuation of this growth in the current season. The Sweetie fruit will be available from now until Christmas. This gives you the perfect opportunity to also offer your consumers something unique during the December month.