The Amelie mangoes are being picked!

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Ameli mango


Unlike the very small volumes of Mango the Peruvian trees gave us last season, due to weather phenomenon El Nino, things are looking much more prosperous across the ocean in Burkina Faso! 

In Burkina Faso, we have been working with the same partner for more than 15 years, something that is incidentally true for many of our products. 

Our producers have now started harvesting the variety Amelie; we expect the first container of Amelie in the port of Antwerp in week 13/14. Amelie is known for its great texture, fiberless, and great taste! It is easy to recognize by its green hue that lightens and develops a nice blush as it ripens. 

A few weeks later, we continue the season with the widely known variety Kent, from Ivory Coast in addition to Burkina Faso and later from Senegal. 

For both our Amelie and Kent, harvest expectations and size distribution are very good. The Mango season in Burkina Faso guarantees months of Mango pleasure with these 2 varieties. 

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