Code Orange: “Stop millions of Dutch climate refugees!”

Advise to German people: vote organic

Eosta / Nature & More launches a video today, which warns the German people for an orange tidal wave, coming from the North Sea, of three million Dutch climate refugees. Seeing that 25% of the Netherlands lies below sea level, Germany should be somewhat worried about rising sea levels. Therefore, Eosta has a voting advice: vote organic. The video and background information can be found at www.natureandmore.com/codeorange (change language settings for English version).

On Sunday 26 September, Germany is holding national elections, the so called Bundestag. In a video that mimics the classical NGO style, Eosta/Nature & More warns for a scary catastrophe: millions of Dutch climate refugees flooding into Germany to find a new home, without even having the time to take their caravans with them. Reception of refugees in the region is the European policy, of course. The video shows huge crowds dressed in orange, flooded tents and desperate government officials.

As a remedy, Eosta / Nature & More advises the German public to vote organic: because organic agriculture protects us against global warming. Eosta is a leading European distributor of organic fruits and vegetables with Germany as its biggest market; Nature & More is its consumer trade mark and online transparency system.

Why organic protects us against global warming

  • organic farming has a lower energy use and less GHG emissions, by avoiding artificial fertilizers and synthetic pesticides

  • organic farmers store more carbon in the soil, by using compost and promoting soil life

  • organic soils offer better protection against droughts, floods and erosion

  • organic farming promotes biodiversity, making the whole system more resilient to climate change

You can find more information about organic agriculture and climate change here.

Eosta, with Nature & More as its consumer brand and transparency system, is Europe’s leading distributor of organic fruit and vegetables. Eosta is known for sustainability campaigns such as Living Wages, True Cost of Food and Dr. Goodfood. In 2018, the company won the King William I Prize for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and in 2019 the European Business Award for the Environment. See also www.eosta.com and www.natureandmore.com.