Eosta's take on the hardfruit season

Plan your Apples & Pears week 9!

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With the recent developments in the hard fruit sector, both in South America and Europe, a different season awaits us. 
In South America, we face some challenges this season. Pear production has been affected by cold temperatures during flowering and the first weeks of growth, resulting in smaller sizes of pears. In addition, a recent heat wave has increased the risk of over-ripening. This requires close monitoring and quick action to ensure quality.

Economic challenges and opportunities 
Argentina is facing significant inflation and currency depreciation, leading to higher costs for growers. Despite this, there is no unrest among workers or in ports, and many people are motivated to work. This offers stability in these challenging times. 

European Outlook 
Several countries have smaller Apple harvests, where others like Italy and Spain have higher production. As there are shortages in certain countries, we will start to see that a popular variety like Gala will not be available all year round.

Outlook and actions 
The first shipments of the season are underway and expected in Europe in week 9. We continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust our strategies to ensure both quality and availability of our products. 
In these times of change, we are grateful for the continued support and cooperation of all our partners and customers.