(Fairtrade) Organic Limes

Written by: Monique Mooij
Newsletter - 2023-07-04T151157.120


The demand for limes has been very good in recent weeks. Organic limes are even more in demand among consumers. The challenge is to have the best quality every week as no wax is used!  Our growers in different countries seem to have this well under control. 

Currently there is a shortage of good quality organic limes on the market. The main problem is the heavy rainfall in Colombia, which limited the amount of good fruit and occasionally left the quality to be desired. To hedge the risks in terms of quantity and quality, Eosta has helped growers in several countries to grow organic limes. This way we can supply yours well and your competitors really can't!  

From Brazil, there are now significantly fewer limes. From the South region (Sao Paulo) exports are lower because of the risk of citrus cancer. In the North region (Bahia) there is currently a lot of rain and dark weather. Fewer limes are coming, but also mainly in smaller sizes.  Smaller quantities come from Colombia. The main harvest took place in spring.  In the beginning of August we will again receive organic limes from our project in Morocco! This project is going better and better because of the good qualities, the reliability and of course less food miles.  

Plan your new promotions from week 31 onwards, as the demand for (organic) limes will increase with summer weather & the holiday season. Your competitors will not be able to follow suit!  By the way, we can now also offer a year-round range of organic Fairtrade limes from several countries of origin. Contact your Eosta account manager for all details: info@eosta.com