Golden Milk a warm boost

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It is springtime, the cold weather is (almost) over but Golden Milk remains popular. Here is a delicious warming recipe for a golden glow!

Golden Milk is made using turmeric and ginger root and originates from India. Research shows that ginger and turmeric have many health benefits.
The benefits from turmeric are best absorbed when consumed in combination with some black pepper and some form of fat.

For two servings of goldenmilk you will need:
500 ml of organic soy milk or milk of choice
2 cm of fresh organic turmeric root
2 cm of organic ginger
1 tbsp of organic maple syrup
1 tsp of organic coconut oil or ghee
A pinch of black pepper
Optionally: 1 stick of cinnamon.

In a saucepan add the milk of choice, the peeled and chopped turmeric, ginger, cinnamon stick, and black pepper. Bring to a soft simmer while stirring constantly. Add in the maple syrup to taste. Once hot and golden pour the mixture through a sive and serve warm.

Enjoy your warming golden milk once in a while as an alternative to your coffee or tea.