Living Wage Avocados

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Hi, I’m Anthony Ngugi.  Together with around 80 passionate farmers we grow, sort and pack organic avocados here in Kenya. We ensure that the growers are well rewarded for producing premium organic fruit.  This means that they now receive almost three times more money for their fruit compared to their conventional neighbours. These contracts ensure the farmers cannot only invest in the future of their children but also improve the quality of their orchards. Through close communication, mentorship and technical assistance in the field we are able to bring the quality of our Hass avocados to an even higher level.

At Eosta we believe that everyone has the right to earn a “living wage”.  A living wage should enable an employee to be able to take care of themselves and their family members, both in terms of housing, food, education, clothing, healthcare and savings for unexpected events. With the organic avocados from Kenya we were able to close the living wage gap. 

Visit my farm: natureandmore.com - (code 305)