The organic citrus season has started

Week 14

Citrus news

Juicy oranges

We start the citrus season as we do every year with juicy Valencia oranges from Egypt. These are again top quality, with high brix and lots of juice. Cultivated through biodynamic methods, representing the epitome of organic excellence.  A must-have for the true organic consumer. Exclusively available at Eosta from week 16. 

From week 24 we will start with the South African Valencia and Navel varieties. The first signs are good and we expect a good supply for this season. 

In the second half of the season we introduce a new tropical Valencia from Latin America; Fairtrade grown, within a network of small-scale farmers. Not just a very tasty orange, but one that really makes an impact for the community. 

Beautiful yellow lemons 

This year, like last year, we offer a good, reliable supply of lemons from different origins. Of from week 17, beautiful yellow organic lemons from Peru, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Chile and Argentina are available at Eosta.

Weekly grapefruit supply 

This year the supply of grapefruits will be more spread out. This makes grapefruits perfect for a weekly programme for true citrus lovers. Available with us from week 19 until the end of October. After that, we will switch to the ever-popular Sweeties. 

Favourite tangerines 

A true consumer favourite, Nadorcotts and Tangos should be found in every citrus range. The importance of these varieties is obvious to Eosta as a citrus specialist. From week 28 to week 37, we are happy to contribute to ensuring that this favourite fruit of many children is in shops as an organic variety. Children can peel these safely, without getting pesticide residues on their hands. A nice quantity of this citrus favourite will be shipped to Europe.  We look forward to being able to deliver these. 

For further details, please refer to our Organic Citrus Overseas 2024 flyer 

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