Product of the Week : Organic Limes from Maroc



Hello, we are Younes and Rachida and together with a great motivated team, we grow a wide range of amazing, exotic organic citrus fruits here in Maroc. Taste and smell them to discover the delights of diversity in citrus. Thank you for buying our fruits!’

Our family farm was established in 1950 when my great grandfather bought 500 hectares of land next to the river Sebou not far from the historic city of Fez where I was born 20 years later’, says Younes. ‘In 1986 my father, who was a surgeon, planted our current 82 hectares with orange trees. I am now responsible for the farm and started with certified organic production in 2015. Thanks to previous settlers in this area, our land is extremely rich in nutrients, for me I see it not only as a gift but also as a message from the past, asking us to protect this precious area for future generations.

Visit my farm: natureandmore.com - (code 115)