Product of the Week: Juicy Organic Maracuja

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Hi, my name is Paul Riera and I am the co-founder of Tierra Orgánica. Tierra Orgánica was founded 2 years ago by me and my friend, an agriculture engineer, in the Ecuadorian coast region.

We decided to found Tierra Orgánica after finding out that most small farmers experience similar problems, such as a lack of technical advice on organic production, a long supply chain from farmer to final customer, leading to very low prices for the farmers products, etc. Therefore, we decided to create an educational program to teach people the economic and social aspects of producing organic fruits with our support. We manage our own nursery gardens, sign contracts securing the purchase of their produce with baseline prices for their organic certified products. We manage the first organic-group certification in fruits, other than bananas, in Ecuador. 

Passion fruit comes in three varieties: the purple original, the orange granadilla and the bright yellow maracuja, which is the biggest and juiciest. The yellow maracuja has a slighty tangier taste than its purple cousin. The fruit pairs well with mango, or in homemade ice cream, mocktails or to simply be eaten with a spoon - straight out of the fruit. Yellow maracujas are a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, B6, C and beta carotene.

Visit my farm: natureandmore.com - (code 172)