Share your organic impact with our tickers!

Eosta has calculated the impact of organic products on water, soil and climate, and wants to share these positive numbers with you. If you check out www.eosta.com, you will see three tickers showing the positive impact of all Eosta’s organic fruits and vegetables. The savings increase fast: 1.8 million litres of water, 60 cubic meters of fertile soil and 11 tons of CO2 per day. Volkert Engelsman invites food retailers to make use of the numbers and thus radically increase food transparency. We can make customized tickers for you, showing the impact for the products you sell!

Example: avocado’s

Organic avocados are one of the organic products that have a markedly positive impact compared to conventional avocado’s. Lately there has been a lot of news about the negative effects of avocado consumption in the sourcing countries, especially water use. But organic is doing much better. For each organic avocado, you save 17.6 litres of water compared to conventional avocado’s, and also 1.1 kg of soil and 80 grams of CO2. Similar number apply to other products like organic lemon, pineapple, ginger, mangoes or pears.

Options for tickers

We’ll be happy to supply you with the information to create your own tickers. We have all the numbers per grower, per product or per client. Instead of an online ticker, we can also put numbers on the products with Natural Branding. How about an organic avocado with the message: “This organic avocado’s save 17.6 litres of water!” And products with Natural Branding laser tattoos save plastic too.


The impact calculations were performed by Soil & More Impacts, a Germany-based consultancy specialised in ecological footprinting and True Cost Accounting. Soil & More Impacts uses calculation models by FAO, the world food organisation of the UN. Previously, Soil & More Impacts had done impact analyses for the UN’s FAO and banks like ABN Amro (Netherlands) and GLS Bank (Germany).

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