SUP Regulations as of July 1st, commit to plastic-free!

Written by: Monique Mooij
Newsletter - 2023-07-04T142658.874


From July 1, 2023, new legislative rules concerning the use of disposable plastic are in force. The new measures are part of a bigger picture. They arise from the European Single Use Plastics (SUP) directive that aims to reduce the environmental impact of disposable plastic and increase plastic reuse and recycling.

From that date, customers of take-out and delivery locations and supermarkets will pay for disposable cups and containers containing plastic or use a reusable alternative. Free dispensing of plastic containers is no longer allowed, with a guideline fee of €0.25 per cup. In fact, for on-site consumption, from Jan. 1, 2024, disposable cups and containers containing plastic will be prohibited.

Fortunately, we at Eosta are experts in alternatives to single-use plastic packaging. Wondering what Eosta can do for you in this regard? Contact your Eosta account manager or our Eosta packaging manager Paul Hendriks. They know all details about our plastic-free packaging options such as Natural Branding, cellulose nets and cardboard packaging made from agricultural waste. 

More information on sustainable packaging can be found here: https://www.natureandmore.com/en/about-us/sustainable-and-innovative-packagings