Sustainability flower: Biodiversity

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The Sustainability Flower is a framework to Monitor, Manage, Market and Monetize the sustainability impacts of an organization or production process. This includes impacts on both natural and social capital. The Flower can be used to monitor the sustainable development of an organisation over time. Eosta uses the Flower  to assess and communicate the sustainability performance of its growers. This time we are highlighting the biodiversity petal.

Climate change is one of the main causes of loss of biodiversity, and loss of of biodiversity as a result of deforestation may exacerbate climate change even further.

Biodiversity, which refers to the number of species of plants, animals and microorganisms (and their interaction), is crucial for a healthy and productive ecosystem. Healthy habitats consist of numerous species, which improves pollination, reduces soil erosion, acts as a natural pest exterminator and decomposes dung in pastures.

On top of this, a high level of biodiversity leads to a more active soil life and a healthy ecosystem is more adaptive to environmental changes. Therefore proper forest management may help to prevent further climate change.

For more information on the sustainability flower see our website.