Nature & More grower Younes has received the Spring Certification

Written by: Monique Mooij
sweet potatoe (2)


Hurray for our Nature & More grower Terra Citrus who has received the Spring Certification! Through our Sustainability Flower model, we assess our farm on sustainability performance and risks. Water is an important topic in these assessments. In organic agriculture water retention of the soil is enhanced through composting and cover crops. When irrigation is used , this should be done following good farming practices. Therefore we stimulate our farmers to take a step towards certification against a water standard, especially in areas where water supply is vulnerable. Our Nature & More grower Younes from Terra Citrus took several steps like for example investing in new underground drip irrigation around our trees which has enabled them to reduce their water consumption by two thirds! Since last year our grower has been certified for GlobalGAL – SPRING.

SPRING certification, what does it mean?

SPRING - Sustainable Program for Irrigation and Groundwater Use. 70% of the world’s freshwater resources are used for agriculture. As pressure on this limited resource grows, agricultural supply chains will depend on a sustainable approach to water management. As a result, food system stakeholders are now expected to provide evidence documenting their efforts to manage water risks and promote sustainable practices.

SPRING is a farm-level add-on that helps producers, retailers, and traders demonstrate their commitment to sustainable water management and can be implemented together with the GLOBALG.A.P. IFA standard for Crops. SPRING incorporates a wide range of criteria to assess sustainable water management on the farm. Learn more? Click here (Source GlobalGap)