NEW in our assortment: Organic BIMI!

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Our product range has been expanded with organic BIMI!

In Europe, this relatively new vegetable is on the move and is becoming more and more popular. In Asian cuisine, Bimi has been a popular vegetable for some time already. Our organic Bimi is grown in the Netherlands and is a refreshing addition to our existing range of vegetables.

What is BIMI?

  • Bimi is a mixture of broccoli and Kai lan (Chinese stem cabbage)
  • Bimi is very healthy, rich in fiber and vitamins and is also called broccoli with stems or asparagus broccoli
  • Due to the fast preparation the many vitamins are preserved
  • The taste is therefore a combination of broccoli and green asparagus (a mild, mild broccoli flavor with a slight spiciness)
  • The texture is nice and fresh, juicy and crunchy with a firm bite
  • Bimi resembles the familiar common broccoli, but has a smaller inflorescence and longer thin flower stems
  • The fresh green color encourages you to bite into it
  • No waste, because you eat a BIMI as a whole, from stem to flower

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